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Relationship Agreements
People are social creatures, and we form relationships with each other.  Certain types of relationships have significant legal consequences which impact the handling of one's property during life and after death.  In particular, marriage, long-term associations with life partners, separation and divorce, and even serious dating all have repercussions which sometimes need to be addressed.  This Law Office is prepared to help you with those situations.
Prenuptial/Premarital Agreements
These types of contractual agreements are of particular value to couples coming into a marriage with significant property, all the more so when it is a second or later marriage and families are being blended.
Post-Marital Agreements
 These are agreements made between husband and wife or domestic partners which clarify property issues, typically involving the character of property, that is, whether it is to be considered community or joint property, or whether it is separate property.  Although the law has a default plan for you, it may not be what you and your spouse/partner really want.
Cohabitation Agreements
 When two people live together in a committed relationship but without getting married or being formally designated as domestic partners, certain expectations and understandings may develop between them as to their various rights and obligations.  A cohabitation agreement is a way to clarify and memorialize those understandings.  If you break up, who gets to stay in the house or apartment?  What about the new furniture you purchased together?  Who gets the dog?  What if one person contributes to a down payment on a house, but title is only in the other person's name?  What if one person sacrificed a career to be a homemaker while the other went off to develop a successful business?  What are each person's expectations?  There is no "common law marriage" in the State of California, yet often cohabiting couples expect the result of a break-up to be similar to a divorce.  That is not normally the case, although a strong cohabitation agreement can do much to make a split-up more equitable.
Dating Agreements (D-Nups)
 These are relatively new on the scene and similar to cohabitation agreements.  The main difference between a cohabitation agreement and a D-nup is the depth of the relationship.  Individuals in long-term dating relationships have discovered that sometimes it is valuable to clarify the bounds of their relationship, especially with respect to property, pets, and so forth purchased by one or both of them during the time they are together, whether or not they are living in the same residence.  What happens when you break up?  In one example case, a boy gave his girlfriend a family heirloom ring to wear.  He believed they would be getting married, and it had been his grandmother's wedding ring.  When they broke up, he wanted it back, but his now ex-girlfriend argued that it was a gift and was hers to keep.  D-nups are a good way to avoid such future disagreements and misunderstandings.









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