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Trust Administration

This is the process of handling a trust estate by the trustee.  In a revocable trust, once the settlor passes away, all or a portion of the trust becomes irrevocable; that is, certain provisions are locked in, a separate tax ID for the trust is obtained, and the trust continues on as its own legal entity, even filing its own tax returns.  The process of trust administration may be confusing and involve complex decisions that must be made by the trustee—especially in complicated trusts designed to minimize estate taxes.  That is why it is a wise decision to consult with an estate planning attorney whenever a settlor passes away.  Sometimes a surviving spouse may go on for years without properly handling the trust's affairs or realizing that certain changes need to be made, the end result being possible unnecessary taxes and extra fees ultimately paid to an attorney who may have to undo years' worth of inappropriate trust management.


























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